UK SMETS1 Solution


Mk7B and G6000
Our SMETS1 compliant gas and electricity meters provide a dual fuel solution with the benefit of a 5 year warranty and peace of mind with a failure rate of less than 0.003%*. Compact and reliable, the meters are easy to install, particularly in restricted spaces.

MK7B Information
G6000 Information


In Home Displays
We are integrated with IHDL and Geo IHD’s and can integrate with other IHD suppliers, as required by our customers.


MultiDrive is a tried and tested Head End System for SMETS1 meters enabling utility back office systems to access the functionality of SMETS1 meters. Depending on your requirements, MultiDrive is available in either a hosted or licensed version. MultiDrive also enables SMSO.


We currently have 60,000 meters with a successful daily read rate of 99.8% through optimised SIM and meter performance. This highly impressive performance is proof that EDMI can deliver to the high standards that you demand.


In built debt management system via credit and PAYG functionality in meter provides ability to switch modes without replacing the meter. PAYG top up methods via over the counter and online services.


SMSO Service
Through our SMSO service for churned meters, we provide a fully interoperable solution through a data retrieval service for meter reads for the gaining supplier.


Our knowledgeable staff will provide you with ongoing support and through our service management structure, any issues will be resolved efficiently. We will also work with you continuously to promote efficiencies.


Android Commissioning App
EDMI’s hand held terminal software enables quick and easy commissioning and pairing on site within 7 minutes, minimising time on site for your installers.