End Consumers

If you are an end consumer experiencing any of the following issues, please contact your energy supplier directly for further advice:

– Reading your meter
– Queries relating to your bill
– Queries about meter functionality or settings
– Queries about the installation of a meter or the kit provided
– General queries about smart metering

Please note that EDMI is unable to provide advice or information to end consumers.

Third Parties (electrical engineers, landlords, building managers etc)

If you are a third party who requires any of the assistance listed below, please contact your energy supplier, meter operator or the company where you purchased the meter:

– Information or manuals for installing or maintaining EDMI meters
– Information on how to retrieve data from our meters
– Information on how a meter is setup
– Instructions on changing the meter configuration
– Software to change the meter configuration

Please note that EDMI is unable to provide direct support to third parties.