Q. I have an EDMI meter and would like more information about it.
A. Your energy supplier will have information about your own specific meter and its configuration.  Please contact your energy supplier’s customer support for more information.

Q. I have an EDMI meter, but don’t know who owns it, or who the energy supplier is.
A. Some energy suppliers place a sticker or other marking on the outer meter casing – however please note that in some cases the previous tenant or owner may have switched energy supplier since having the meter installed.  If no distinguishing marks are present, and you have access to your MPAN number (usually found on your bill) you can check here which might have more information about your site.

Q. I have an EDMI smart meter in my house, can I download a manual for it?
A. A summary of technical specification can be found on the Products section of the EDMI website.  There are no user-serviceable components within the meter.  Access to information via the LCD display is configured specifically per meter, tariff or energy supplier (including how your meter reading is displayed).  Contact your energy supplier if you have any specific questions about the meter.

Q. I am an electrician and need to work with an EDMI meter as the primary fiscal meter for a property, can I download a manual for it?
A. The meter is usually the property of the energy supplier or asset provider.  Each meter is configured specifically for the energy supplier or customer and EDMI do not have access to this information. We are also unable to provide advice on wiring and maintenance of the device. Contact the energy supplier or Meter Operator for more information about the meter.

Q. I have an EDMI meter measuring solar-generated power, and have questions about its functionality?
A. There are a variety of configurations and physical connections for installing a meter in a micro-generation site. EDMI does not hold specific information about customer meters installed in this manner.  Please contact the installer for more information about the meter.

Q. How do I get data out of my meter?
A. EDMI does not hold security or configuration data on a meter-by-meter basis.  Depending on your location and contract, you may have the right to access your data. We recommend contacting your energy supplier to determine your rights in this regard.  You may be able to work with a third-party and your energy supplier to extract the data.

Q. Which IHDs are compatible with my meter?
A. EDMI meters are compatible with a range of in-home displays. However, smart meters need to be set up to work with an IHD.  Your energy supplier will be able to tell you if your meter supports an IHD and may be able to offer you a range of options.

Q. I would like to partner with or discuss a metering project with EDMI.
A. If the project is within UK or Europe, please contact sales.europe@edmi-meters.com.  If located elsewhere in the world, please contact our Singapore office via the Contact Us page.

Q. I have concerns about having a smart meter installed in my home, or have questions about the GB smart meter rollout.
A. Further information about the GB smart meter rollout can be found by clicking here.  You can also contact your energy supplier for more information.

Q. I would like to purchase a smart meter. Can EDMI supply one ?
A. If you are a business customer within Europe (including the UK), please email your enquiry to sales.europe@edmi-meters.com. Please note that we are unable to supply individual meters directly to end consumers.

Q. I require access to EDMI software to configure a meter.
A. Our software is licensed to the entity who purchased the meter. Each meter is configured differently, and has security credentials loaded on by the meter operator appointed by your supplier. EDMI does not hold these credentials. Please contact your energy supplier for further information.