The Customer

Advanced Metering Services (AMS) is the largest metering company in New Zealand and delivers advanced metering technology and operational services to electricity and gas customers throughout New Zealand. AMS has successfully managed the largest retailer lead advanced metering rollout with EDMI meters using GPRS.

The Solution

The project has involved deployment of and provision of a head-end for over 450,000 GPRS EDMI meters to homes and businesses in New Zealand and has been extended to over 650,000 metering points over a five year period.

The solution is based on the complete range of EDMI Atlas AMI meters (Single Element, Dual Element, Three phase and CT) and uses EDMI’s MultiDrive platform for data collection and network management.

EDMI and AMS continue to work closely together with EDMI providing AMS the platform for metering services in the half-hourly market as well as gas meters.

The Benefits

A key feature of the solution is using GPRS with non-persistent, dynamic IP address connections using SMS to wake the meters up and connect to the GPRS network for ad-hoc transactions. This has dramatically reduced the load on the local GPRS network. In addition, the unique commissioning properties of the EDMI solution has ensured minimal installation time ensuring the rollout has progressed to meet customer expectations.